Kevin Murphy Smooth It All Over Gift Set

Kevin Murphy Smooth It All Over Gift Set

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    • KEVIN.MURPHY Smooth Again Wash 250ml
    • KEVIN.MURPHY Smooth Again Rinse 250ml 
    • KEVIN.MURPHY Smooth Again Hans Creme 100ml

    This Kevin Murphy Smooth It All Over Gift Set is perfect for those who need to nourish and smooth thick, coarse hair. Includes a hand creme to quench your skin needs.

PRE ORDER, Due October 25th. 

Kevin Murphy Smooth Again Wash
Prepare to renew and restore frazzled locks with this reconstructing treatment shampoo enriched with powerful proteins and amino acids. It will help to strengthen the hair from root to tip, while gently removing impurities and soothing damage.

Kevin Murphy Smooth Again Rinse has been created to nourish and smooth thick, coarse hair using ion-based cationic technology, Keratin Proteins mimic the structure of hair’s natural proteins to seamlessly smooth and refine where needed the most. This hardworking smoothing conditioner also provides a layer of protection to help seal split ends, and reduces the appearance of frizz.

Kevin Murphy Smooth Again Hand Creme is a moisturizing and softening hand creme.

How to use:

  • Apply to wet hair and massage gently through the hair and scalp. Rinse with SMOOTH.AGAIN RINSE. Can be used daily.
  • Apply and allow the hair to absorb the benefits for 1-2 minutes, follow with a refreshing rinse.