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Makeup Brush Shampoo

Makeup Brush Shampoo

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Makeup Brush Shampoo

Smells like caramel.

I deep cleanse away bacteria, germs, oils and old makeup build-up from your makeup brushes, leaving them smelling gorgeous and ensuring the perfect makeup application! Enjoy Fresh, Clean and Beautiful Makeup Application every time! Smells like caramel.

HOW TO USE Dampen brush bristles with Luke warm water. Apply a small amount of makeup brush shampoo to your cleansing pad or hands. Gently swirl brush in the shampoo to create a lather. Rinse thoroughly and repeat if necessary. Once clean gently squeeze out excess water with a lint free cloth then reshape brush. Lay brushes out to dry.

TOP TIP Point bristles down when drying as it prevents water sitting where the glue is that keeps the bristles in place. Use me once a week to maintain your brushes.

USE ME WITH Makeup cleansing pad and Fast dry makeup brush cleaner to quickly clean brushes on the go.

HOW TO STORE Store away from sunlight in a cool area.