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Mermaid Ponytail -Crystal

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Mermaid Ponytail - Crystal

Introducing the magical Mermaid Ponytail! This enchanting hair accessory is perfect for young mermaid lovers who want to add some extra shimmer to their look. The Mermaid Ponytail is made with high-quality synthetic hair that is soft to the touch and features tinsel and a stunning ombre color gradient.

How To:

The ponytail is designed to be easy to use in 3 easy steps.

1. Tie the natural hair into a ponytail

2. Secure the Mermaid Ponytail hair tie around the hair

3. Braid hair and Mermaid Ponytail together and watch as the mermaid magic comes to life.

Not only is the Mermaid Ponytail a fun and whimsical way to add some extra flair to any outfit, it's also a great way to encourage imaginative play and creativity. Your child will love pretending to be a magical mermaid princess with this accessory!

 100g | 65cm

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